Three Hardware Wallets For Storing Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Here are three hardware wallets that can be used for the long term storage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These devices are separated from your computer — and thus virtually hacker proof. I recommend storing these wallets in a fireproof safe. Update 2021: I recommend the Ledger Nano X as a best hardware wallet now.

A Guide To Avoiding Ransomware (Part 1)

Ransomware is malicious software that allows a hacker to access an individual or company computer, encrypt your data resident on it and then demand some form of payment to decrypt it. This lets hackers hold your data hostage – and hence the term “ransom”. Victims can regain access to their files only by paying the ransom, or by restoring from a backup that was hopefully not on a network that was accessible to the compromised computer.

How To: Maximize Cloud Storage Data Privacy

Cloud storage services offer convenient and inexpensive solutions for backing up data and syncing it across multiple devices. But if you’re worried about privacy, there are steps you should take to keep your cloud data private. The best cloud storage solution depends on your needs. How much data do you have to store? How many …

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How To: Configure Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Privacy concerns in Windows 10 have spawned a number of apps designed to improve privacy in Microsoft’s operating system. Here’s a list of several apps you can use to help stop Windows 10 from collecting private information about you and sending it to Microsoft. You can, of course, configure privacy settings on Windows 10 manually. …

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