The Best VPN Routers Of 2018

by Grey One •

A VPN-capable router is a convenient device — it can provide VPN connections to your computers and mobile devices via Wi-Fi. You won’t have to install a VPN client on each device. Instead, all your devices are routed via one connection to your VPN provider.

How North Korea’s “Red Star OS” Implements Censorship

by Tracy Knauer •

Security researchers have revealed new details about the censorship features in North Korea’s homegrown operating system, Red Star OS, which monitors the files people store on their computer and traces them back to their source. Red Star OS is an operating developed by the North Korean government for use by the country’s citizens. It is based on Fedora Linux but …


Tor Unveils Hardened Browser for Extra Security

by Tracy Knauer •

The Tor project recently released the first version of its “hardened” Tor browser package. This release comes with extra security features designed to provide more privacy and protection against attacks. The Tor browser is a special Web browser package that makes it easy to connect to the Tor network. It is designed to be portable and self-contained, meaning you can …

Using Eraser to Delete Private Data Completely from Old Disks

by Tracy Knauer •

Keeping your data private while online is one thing, but how do you protect data on old computers or disks after they’re no longer in use? Eraser, an open source data destruction tool, provides a solution. Contrary to popular belief, “deleting” files from your computer doesn’t make them go away forever. In most cases, file deletion simply removes information from …