New U.S.-E.U. Online Privacy Agreement Lacks Teeth

by Tracy Knauer •

The United States made new promises this week that European citizens’ data stored on U.S. servers would not be subject to surveillance by the U.S. government. But so far, promises are the only thing the U.S. has offered to assure European concerns about online data privacy. The promises were part of a new agreement between U.S. and European officials about …

Tor Project Will Pay Developers to Find Privacy Flaws

by Tracy Knauer •

Tor developers have acknowledged security vulnerabilities in the platform, but also started a major effort to fix them, by launching a program that will pay people who find bugs in the Tor code. The new Tor initiative is a bug bounty program. That means programmers who review Tor code and find bugs will receive cash for their efforts. They don’t …


How To Use a VPN in China

by Tracy Knauer •

Chinese Internet censors have become more proactive in recent years about blocking VPN usage through the Great Firewall. But it’s still possible to use a VPN in China. Here are tips on how to work around VPN blocking. This isn’t an article about how to use a VPN in general. We assume you already have VPN software configured on your …