How to Use Encryption Effectively on Android Phones

by Tracy Knauer •

Android phones and tablets have come with built-in encryption support for several years. Since the Android Lollipop release in 2014 encryption has even been turned on by default. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your Android personal data is secure. There are additional steps you should take to prevent access to your data in case your device is stolen. Here’s what …


Australian Government Accepts Digital Identity and Monitoring Policy

by Tracy Knauer •

Australians aren’t required to carry physical ID cards. But they may soon have to carry the digital equivalent when using the Internet, according to a new policy that threatens online privacy in Australia. On Oct. 20, the Australian government announced its acceptance of measures that would enforce a “federated-style model of trusted digital identities.” The policy has been under development …

Storing Large Video and Music Files On Android

by Grey One •

Now that Android tablets accept large-capacity Micro Secure Disk memory cards, it’s possible to carry your entire media collection in your pocket. Currently, you can buy a 64 GB (gigabtye) Micro Secure Disk (microSD), and use it in most of the newer Android tablets and phones. These memory cards can store about 177 full albums in FLAC format, or about 80 hours …