The Best Privacy-Friendly Apps & Services For 2016

by Grey One •


This is a guide to private-friendly apps and services. I’ve only included reliable and easy-to-use services. They will help you: Reduce the risk of having personal information hacked or leaked These apps will block marketing companies from collecting information about you You’ll also reduce the surveillance of your activities Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo record your web searches …


The Best VPN Service Providers For 2016

by Grey One •


There are now over a hundred VPN providers located across the world. To create this list of the best VPN service providers, I test customer service, the reliability of their network, and commitment to privacy. I also research actual customer feedback posted in online forums.

Private Internet Access VPN Review

by Tracy Knauer •

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.45.34 PM

Private Internet Access VPN is one of the most popular privacy-focused VPN services. Priced as low as $3.33/month, it’s also one of the most affordable VPNs. Private Internet Access VPN in a Nutshell Private Internet Access VPN service is a great option if you want a low-priced, reliable VPN.┬áPIA makes it very easy to pay anonymously. This company lacks the …

How to Use Encryption Effectively on Android Phones

by Tracy Knauer •


Android phones and tablets have come with built-in encryption support for several years. Since the Android Lollipop release in 2014 encryption has even been turned on by default. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your Android personal data is secure. There are additional steps you should take to prevent access to your data in case your device is stolen. Here’s what …