Private Internet Access: New Features In 2020

Private Internet Access (PIA) remains my recommendation for a low cost VPN provider. The company operates out of the United States with gigabit gateways in the USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Here are some updates to their service:

PIA Apps Now Open Source

All PIA applications & clients are now fully open source. It’s good to see more transparency.

Video Streaming Is Working

PIA has announced that they now have full support for Netflix in US regions, as well as BBC in the UK. They will also be soon expanding to include France and Germany. Hulu and Amazon Prime support is also coming soon.

WireGuard Support

PIA is rolling out the WireGuard VPN protocol on their clients and apps as part of their beta program. Users that are part of beta program are now able to change their VPN connection to WireGuard in their settings. More information is available on the WireGuide.

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