Privacy-Friendly Services For 2021 — Current Recommendations

Internet Protection & Privacy

ProtonVPN for private internet access + phishing and malware protection.

AdGuard for additional ad blocking and malware protection.

Private Email Recommendation

ProtonMail for encrypted and privacy-enhanced email accounts.

SimpleLogin for the creation of email aliases.

Private Cloud Recommendation

Sync for encrypted cloud storage — good for storing personal documents or business documents.

pCloud for storing personal music & video collections — offers lifetime 2 terabyte accounts.

Bitwarden for securing passwords and notes.

Private Media Access

NewsDemon is an independent Usenet access provider.

RapidSeedbox is a recommended seedbox provider.

WebTorrent Desktop private choice for torrent access.

FreeTube is an open source YouTube player that uses the Invidious API.

On the web, is an alternative front-end to YouTube.

Teddit is an alternative front-end to Reddit.

Nitter is an alternative front-end to Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Privacy-Friendly Services For 2021 — Current Recommendations”

  1. I tried to use it last Saturday. It was a horrible, horrible experience.
    Download speed was slow and often dropped to zero. Some websites not
    loading until I reconnected. I tried various servers. Some of which
    disconnected me after being connected for a while and then told me my
    credentials were no longer valid. I used both the application as well
    as the OVPN file. I am now using another vpn service and things are much
    better. Based on my personal experience I don’t understand the positive
    comments at all.

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