Plex Introduces Cloud Sync

by Grey One •

Plex, the free video streaming service introduced media syncing last year. The service has been well used, and now Plex is introducing Cloud Sync, a new PlexPass feature. With Cloud Sync, you can now sync your media to cloud storage providers such as DropBox and Google Drive. Your media is optimized for streaming and uploaded. It’s like having a media server that’s always on and has great streaming speeds.


One of the coolest features of Cloud Sync is the ability to configure multiple storage providers, and set individual limits for each. You can then create a smart sync rule (“Newest 20 movies added to my Movie library”, for example) and the videos will be uploaded and spread across different providers as needed.

Once your cloud sync completes, you can turn off your server, and access all your media online from any Plex app.

In order to use Cloud Sync, you need to download the freshly released Plex Media Server v. You can browse the extensive changes in minute detail here. Then, visit the new Cloud Sync providers page and link your accounts. And finally (aren’t there always three steps to profiting?) select the new Cloud Sync target when syncing.

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