How Make Your Newsgroup Downloads Faster

by Grey One •

I like the efficiency of downloading from the Usenet. It’s faster and more reliable other systems I’d tried, including very popular commercial ones. However, it does need to be set up properly if you want good downloading speeds. Here is a guide:


SABnzbd is a great downloading application that uses multiple connections for speed. SABnzbd is free and it’s available for Linux, Macs, and Windows. It runs as a mini web server on your computer. Once installed, you can visit the local URL “http://localhost:8080/sabnzbd/” in a web browser to access the application. You can then click on the “Config” button, followed by the “Servers” tab, and enter your Usenet subscription information.The full “Quick Start” instructions for SABnzbd are here.

If you use the Firefox browser, you can get an extension nzbdStatus or Sabnzbdfox, which makes sending NZB files to SABnzbd easier (a NZB file contains a pointer to files available on Usenet).

If you use Chrome, you can use this plug-in: SABConnect++

Alternatively, you can set SABnzbd to watch a folder, and start downloading when you drop an NZB file into that folder.

Consider An Automatic Downloader

Sickbeard is an app that will perform daily automated downloads for you.

Use An Reliable Newsgroup Provider

Some Usenet providers are run by dubious companies. I recommend subscribing to a reliable newsgroup provider see my article The Best Usenet Providers.

Use A Backup Newsgroup Provider

Sometimes a file you download from a newsgroup will be missing blocks (parts of the file). So having a back-up or “block” provider is handy. I recommend using UsenetBucket (Netherlands). You may want to stay away from Tweaknews — I have read reports of subscriber’s credit cards being used for fraudulent purposes by their credit card payment processor.

If you get a block account, configure it as a “backup” server in SABnzbd (see above).

Join A Good Usenet Indexer

You must find a Usenet index with a good search feature, for example these:

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