IPVanish Significantly Upgrades Their Apps On All Platforms

by Grey One •

The crew over at IPVanish have created entirely resigned apps for all platforms (Android, iOS, Mac and Windows).

After testing these new apps, I can say that a good deal of thought and planning went into this redesign. It is now significantly easier to choose VPN servers and connect to them. Also, the VPN connections from IPVanish continue to be very reliable, with very few disconnects.

The apps are informative too. You can see your connection speed, the VPN protocol you are using, your current IP address and your visible geographic location.

Other useful features include a Kill Switch (which automatically stops all network activity if a VPN connection is interrupted) and OpenVPN scrambled (to avoid deep packed inspection).

Here are the full details on the features introduced in this release:

Load Balancing

This background feature improves the algorithm that selects the best VPN server for a user’s connection based on ping time and server load. Therefore, users will now be presented with not the closest, but the fastest server for the best automated connections.

Optimized Server Searching

There are multiple ways to search through the list of over 500 VPN servers. Users can “QuickConnect” to a region, choose from an interactive map, or filter and search the servers from a list. The filters in particular can vet servers by region, latency, and by name.

Advanced DNS Control

DNS controls have become more substantial within each platform. While DNS leak protection has been hardened, support for third-party DNS has been implemented across the board. This, combined with a DNS reset button, will enable users to flush erroneous DNS codes from their network settings with ease.

Kill Switch

The kill switch feature will automatically stop (or kill) all network activity if a VPN connection is interrupted. Just as easily, a network connection can be reactivated from within the IPVanish VPN apps.

OpenVPN Scramble

OpenVPN Scramble is an additional layer of security for use in nations where the OpenVPN connection protocol can be detected and the the traffic terminated. When enabled, this feature can counter this firewall blockade, also known as deep packet inspection.

On Demand VPN

The three ‘On Demand’ settings within the IPVanish VPN apps give more customization to user privacy settings than ever before. Leading the settings is the ‘Always On’ option, which will auto-connect to the VPN any time Internet traffic is detected. Following are two customization options for Network SSIDs and web domains. For these respective On Demand settings, users can enter a list of previously saved websites or Wi-Fi networks that, upon connection, will automatically initiate the VPN.

LAN Blocking

A brand-new feature to IPVanish (and one our competitors are very much lacking) is LAN Blocking. When this is enabled, no device on the local area network (LAN) can communicate with a user’s device. In addition to this, LAN blocking also prevents any user’s outbound traffic from going over the LAN.

Automatic IP Switching

We found this feature to be highly popular in our Windows client, so we rolled it out for IPVanish VPN v3.0. This user-enabled option allows your IP address to automatically change based on a pre-selected time interval of either 45, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. When an IP switches, the VPN connection will be temporarily interrupted while changing IP addresses.

IPv6 Leak Protection

As the Internet transitions from using IPv4 addresses to IPv6, the inconsistency of IP versions from downloading advertisements, images, and files can leak a user’s true IP to a third-party. When this feature is enabled, however, all Internet traffic is forced over IPv4 as opposed to a combination of both IPv4 and IPv6.

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  1. Grey,

    I appreciate your reviews here.

    Do any of VPN services offer per-app VPN? For example only web browsing on my Nexus phone use VPN?


    1. Many people use proxy settings in the browser for this type of requirement..but I will still see which VPN providers can support a single app connection.

  2. Good post Gray. As always

    I am thinking like this:
    I stay away from any VPN service providers based in the US though.
    But thats just me.
    You cannot tell what’s happening behind closed curtains. Are they sharing their encounters with the LE/CIA, QaA?
    My recommendations would be a provider like Mullvad or OVPN, based in Sweden. Or something based in Schweiz where juridiction saves you from the evil cloud-spies 😉
    OVPN for ex, they have openly reported back to their customers and visitors their answers when being pushed by the law enforcement. And yes, they take that shit often!
    In sweden they have a law that says that you need to save logs for 6 months if not more, this law is currently being
    bypassed with the inability to save server logs, it means that the VPN servers run without hard drives.
    And this is the best no-logging policy for protection as I can see it comes VPN provider.

    Just my 2 cents.


    1. I agree that there are VPN providers that are better positioned to provide higher level of privacy. I recommend AirVPN and Mullvad in those cases. But for those users who want to unblock websites and share files, IPVanish is fast and convenient.

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