ICLOAK Offers Plug-and-Play Online Privacy Starting at $99

by Tracy Knauer •

Could staying private online be as easy as plugging a USB stick into your computer? That’s what ICLOAK promises through its new security and data privacy product, which was released this week.

According to ICLOAK, the product is designed to be easy for non-technical users who want plug-and-play privacy:

While a computer is turned off, customers simply plug the ICLOAK Stik into their USB port and then turn on their computer. Once this is done, the customer’s behavior, including the creation of documents, email communication, and all online activity, including online shopping, can no longer be followed by online government tracking or the hundreds of thousands of trackers and hackers that collect, use, and sell information about consumers’ online activity.

How does it do that? Basically, the device contains a “live” Ubuntu Linux-based operating system. You plug it into your computer and boot to the live environment, which comes with built-in privacy tools, including pre-configured Tor or I2P proxies. Because the system runs only in memory, it saves nothing permanently to disk.

If that sounds a lot like Tails OS, it’s because it is. As we’ve written before, Tails is basically the same idea: You get a privacy-optimized Linux-based operating system running in memory.

But ICLOAK is pitching its device as a more user-friendly, one-stop privacy solution. It’s targeting people who don’t want or know how to download a system like Tails and create a live USB themselves.

ICLOAK costs either $99 or $149. (These are both one-time purchase costs, not ongoing subscriptions.) The main difference between the prices is that the higher one gives you access to lifetime feature upgrades, while the lower price includes updates for only one year. (Lifetime security updates are included for free with both plans.)

ICLOAK supports PCs and Macs. Mobile devices are not currently supported.

From what we can tell, ICLOAK doesn’t do anything that you couldn’t do for yourself using free tools. But if you want to save some time and trouble, it makes online privacy simpler than setting up Tails or Tor yourself.

ICLOAK is available at Amazon for $99.

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