Two Ways to Make Anonymous Phone Calls

by Tracy Knauer •


Want to make a phone call without revealing your real identity? There are several ways you can do this, ranging from using a throw-away phone to restricting caller ID settings permanently on your smartphone. But what if you just want to make private, anonymous calls occasionally, without purchasing a special phone for it? Here are two solutions. Use a Caller …

Two Free Privacy-Focused Mobile Operating Systems

by Tracy Knauer •


Making Android-based mobile devices more private and secure can be a challenge. Here’s a look at two custom-built versions of Android that aim to provide comprehensive out-of-the-box privacy and security, with little work on the part of the user. Privacy gaps on Android exist at several levels. There’s the operating system itself, which could have bugs that allow third parties …

An Overview of Disconnect Ad Blocking, VPN and Anti-Censorship Tools

by Tracy Knauer •


Disconnect is a suite of privacy tools that aims to make online privacy the “default” by providing ad blocking, VPN anti-censorship functionality and more. Is it equal to or greater than the sum of its parts? Read on for an overview. Disconnect originated as a Chrome extension called Facebook Disconnect. That tool blocked third-party connections to users’ Facebook pages in …