Does Tor over VPN Really Increase Privacy?

by Tracy Knauer •


Some VPN providers offer Tor over VPN services, which let you use Tor and a VPN at the same time. In other cases you can simply log in to a VPN and then use the Tor browser. Do such configurations actually increase your privacy? Here are some considerations. Let’s start with the advantages of running Tor over VPN. (We’re assuming …

Open Wireless Offers Novel Way to Increase Anonymity

by Tracy Knauer •


Could opening your wireless router to strangers increase your privacy? That’s what the Open Wireless Movement says to encourage people to share their wifi connections with others. The Open Wireless Movement’s goal is to increase Internet access by providing open wireless networks everywhere. Instead of requiring WEP or WPA passwords to connect to wifi networks, people could simply log in. …

Telegram Says Instant Messenger App Was Not Blocked in Iran

by Tracy Knauer •


Iranian authorities are not actually trying to block the Telegram instant messaging app, despite reports to the contrary. That’s according to new statements from the app’s Russian developer, Paul Durov. Telegram Messenger is a cross-platform app that provides messaging and file sharing for individuals and groups. It has some privacy-centric features built in, including encryption and a feature that lets …