How To: Set Up a Tails Virtual Machine for Private Browsing

by Tracy Knauer •


If you want the privacy advantages of using a secure Linux-based OS like Tails but don’t want to use Linux all the time, an easy (and free) solution is to run Tails inside a virtual machine. Here’s how. These instructions should work for pretty much any Linux-based OS. But we have written them for Tails, since that is one of …

How Does ICLOAK Plug-and-Play Privacy Work?

by Tracy Knauer •


ICLOAK recently launched its plug-and-play online privacy solution, which is based on a custom Linux distribution that boots from a USB stick. We contacted the company to get a better sense of how exactly its privacy features work, including Tor integration, VPN availability and more. This is what ICLOAK founder Eric Delisle said in response to questions about the product’s …

ICLOAK Offers Plug-and-Play Online Privacy Starting at $99

by Tracy Knauer •


Could staying private online be as easy as plugging a USB stick into your computer? That’s what ICLOAK promises through its new security and data privacy product, which was released this week. According to ICLOAK, the product is designed to be easy for non-technical users who want plug-and-play privacy: While a computer is turned off, customers simply plug the ICLOAK …

New Tails OS 2.0 Release Updates Privacy Features

by Tracy Knauer •


Tails OS 2.0, the latest version of the privacy-focused Linux-based operating system, is out this week. It features a new interface and many application updates, including version 5.5 of the Tor browser. Tails 2.0 is designed to provide comprehensive, out-of-the-box privacy features. It comes with built-in Tor encryption for all network connections (not just the browser), as well as extra …