Five Privacy Challenges Posed by the Internet of Things (IoT)

by Tracy Knauer •

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to make life more convenient in many ways. For the privacy-conscious, however, IoT devices also present all manner of new challenges. Here’s an overview of the five main ways in which IoT adoption will create new privacy threats. For now, IoT devices have yet to see massive adoption. Some Internet-connected appliances and sensor …

How To: Secure Your Smart Thermostat for Added Privacy

by Tracy Knauer •

Smart thermostats — the kind that connect to your home’s wireless network so that they can be controlled over the Internet — are increasingly popular. But their rapid rate of adoption has far outpaced discussion of the security and privacy risks they pose. Here’s an overview of these privacy challenges, and tips for addressing them. The biggest privacy threat from …


A Guide To Being Private Online

by Grey One •

Privacy on the internet is something we should all seek. Even if you feel you have “nothing to hide” you probably still value having curtain on your windows, and you would probably prefer that your credit card statement not be broadcast to everyone each month. Here are my tips for maintaining privacy: Use A Search Engine That Doesn’t Track You …

NinjaStik: Boot To An Anonymous OS In 60 Seconds

by Grey One •

The NinjaStik is a bootable USB 3.0 memory stick. It allows to you boot your computer into an anonymous operating system (via custom firmware and Linux-based OS). There are a host of privacy-related tools on the stick — including a Tor Browser, a Bitcoin Wallet and Thunderbird with Enigmail installed. According to the company the Ninjastik can be used  a …