Crypto Services I’m Currently Testing

Here are the crypto services I’m testing this week — no endorsements yet —

  • Argent Wallet — a user-friendly but secure Ethereum wallet — good for beginners — offers crypto purchasing
  • Cash App — allows quick cash to crypto transfers (not a private service)
  • Zapper.Fi — a portal to Ethereum liquidity pools
  • SushiSwap — a forthcoming clone of Uniswap but includes a SUSHI token in design
  • Loopring Exchange — “Ethereum zkRollup Exchange & Payment Protocol, Scalable, self-custodial layer-2″
  • 1inch: Decentralized exchange aggregator — claims to offer the best rates by discovering the most efficient swapping routes across all leading DEXes
  • Zerion: A simple interface to DeFi
  • Zapper.Fi: A DeFi interface
  • Pools.FYI: Find the best liquidity pools
  • Betoken: Crowd powered crypto asset management
  • Unspent: Smart crypto portfolio tools and insights

2 thoughts on “Crypto Services I’m Currently Testing”

    1. Sure, you can use Coinbase. It requires ID verificiation — but that might be OK depending on your needs. You can also use Cash App to buy Bitcoin — slightly faster approval I think.

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