The Best VPN For P2P In 2020

The Best VPNs For P2P

Using a VPN with P2P is a straightforward way to conceal your IP address, and ensure your privacy. 


The Best VPN For Torrenting 2020

Using a VPN while torrenting is one of the simplest ways to conceal your IP address, and ensure your privacy. However, only a limited number of VPN Services allow you to use BitTorrent. If want to torrent files without being monitored, it is essential that the VPN you use does not track your online connections. The VPNs listed below welcome …


Notes On The Best Torrent Clients For Linux

qBittorrent’s strength is that it’s the most uTorrent-like client that isn’t uTorrent. Otherwise, there’s nothing really special about it. rTorrent’s strength is mainly how lightweight and stable it is. If you don’t use ruTorrent, it can easily handle over 10k torrents. If you do use ruTorrent, it’s one of the most feature-rich clients out there (though it stops being stable …

A List Of Censorship-Proof Systems

I created this list of censorship technologies that are working today.

I believe technologies like these will eventually become an essential source of unfiltered media, information and credit.


Two New Privacy-Friendly Services

Trezor is a safe for storing bitcoins. This USB device creates an isolated environment for offline Bitcoin transaction signing.

Does Tor over VPN Really Increase Privacy?

Some VPN providers offer Tor over VPN services, which let you use Tor and a VPN at the same time. In other cases you can simply log in to a VPN and then use the Tor browser. Do such configurations actually increase your privacy? Here are some considerations. Let’s start with the advantages of running Tor over VPN. (We’re assuming …

Open Wireless Offers Novel Way to Increase Anonymity

Could opening your wireless router to strangers increase your privacy? That’s what the Open Wireless Movement says to encourage people to share their wifi connections with others. The Open Wireless Movement’s goal is to increase Internet access by providing open wireless networks everywhere. Instead of requiring WEP or WPA passwords to connect to wifi networks, people could simply log in. …

Telegram Says Instant Messenger App Was Not Blocked in Iran

Iranian authorities are not actually trying to block the Telegram instant messaging app, despite reports to the contrary. That’s according to new statements from the app’s Russian developer, Paul Durov. Telegram Messenger is a cross-platform app that provides messaging and file sharing for individuals and groups. It has some privacy-centric features built in, including encryption and a feature that lets …

Bleep: A P2P, Secure and Private Alternative to Skype for VoIP

Is Skype private? Not really. Bleep offers a better option for making free and private voice or video calls over the Internet using VoIP. Skype, the leading VoIP app, offers basic privacy features, most notably built-in encryption. But Skype is closed-source software, which means only Skype developers know how it truly works, or what information the application gathers about users. …

Anoncoin Promises Privacy-Friendly, Anti-Censorship Online Currency

Browsing privately is one thing. Paying privately online is another. Anoncoin, a Tor- and I2P-compatible Internet currency with an anti-censorship focus, offers a solution to the latter challenge. Anoncoin bills itself as “a privacy-centric currency fully compatible with the I2P and TOR darknets. Anoncoin will be available no matter what the authorities do.” Anoncoin works in a way similar to …