Blockstream Jade: An Open-Source Hardware Wallet For Storing Bitcoin

Blockstream Jade is a hardware wallet designed to store Bitcoin securely.

I like Blockstream Jade because it’s a Bitcoin-only wallet. By only supporting Bitcoin, the wallet’s attack surface is greatly reduced. Wallets that support many coins are more complex and introduce more attack opportunities.

I don’t recommend using Ledger or Trezor wallets. In 2020, Ledger experienced a significant data breach, resulting in the leak of customer information, leading to phishing attempts. Also, Ledger introduced an update that offered an opt-in “recovery services” feature where the wallet’s seed phrase could be recovered. However, the seed phrase leaving the hardware wallet did not resonate with users who considered Ledger a trustless service for storing cryptocurrencies.

Trezor makes another popular hardware wallet. However, I no longer recommend them due to their integration of CoinJoin. This move raises concerns that Trezor could potentially censor Bitcoin transactions.

Blockstream Jade is made by Blockstream, a Canadian company founded by several early Bitcoin developers. It supports the Liquid network (a layer-2 solution), which was also created by Blockstream.

Features of the Blockstream Jade Wallet

Here are some features of the Jade wallet:

  • Jade is open source – ensuring the community can audit and verify the device’s code.
  • Jade’s built-in camera allows users to scan and display QR codes directly on the device, enabling secure transactions without needing a USB or Bluetooth connection.
  • Full-color 1.14-inch LCD screen
  • Jade is supported on Blockstream Green, BlueWallet, Sparrow, Electrum, Specter, Nunchuk