Bitcoin 2022 In Miami — Set To Be Largest Ever Bitcoin Conference

Bitcoin 2022 is set to be the largest Bitcoin conference in the world with 35,000 people expected to attend. The event will be at the Miami Convention Center from April 6th through to April 9th.

The event will feature an industry day, two general conference days and culminate in the Sound Money Fest which will feature such artists as Logic and MO.

Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami want to make the city the “Bitcoin Capital Of The World”. He is planning to pay municipal workers and accept tax payments in Bitcoin, as well as invest city funds in the cryptocurrency.

Speakers will include:

  • Nayib Bukele (President of El Salvador)
  • Francis Suarez (Miami Mayor)
  • Micheal Saylor (Chairman & CEO, MicroStrategy)
  • Elizabeth Stark (CEO, Lightning Labs)
  • Jo Jorgensen (President of the Board of People For Liberty)
  • Jeff Booth (author of Price of Tomorrow)
  • Jimmy Song (author of Programming Blockchain)
  • Mark Cuban (Investor)
  • Aleksandar Svetski (CEO, Amber)
  • Ray Youssef (Co-Founder & CEO, Paxful)
  • Preston Pysh (Co-Founder, The Investors Podcast Network)

You can see the full speaker details here.

The price for regular admission is currently around $500 — the promoters posted the code “CYBER15” that will give you 15% off ticket price at checkout.

Link: Bitcoin 2022

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