A List Of Text-Only News Sites

Text-only websites are quite useful, especially today.

Web pages are increasingly filled with ads, videos, and other bandwidth-heavy content.

Here is a list of text-only, clutter-free news sites:

These are stripped-down sites with minimal images:

Using Your Browser’s Reader Mode

You can also use “Reader Mode” in many web browsers. This mode strips the page down to text and content-related images. You can read how to enable this mode here.

23 thoughts on “A List Of Text-Only News Sites”

  1. Music, ahh music when on the treadmill.

    However, wouldn’t it be nice to see a txt only, screen scrolling news site that can also have voice-enabled, as an option, for those wanting this type of service when walking on our treadmills.

    I thoroughly appreciate the efforts that you’ve made on our behalf with your work here.
    Thank you,


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