A List Of Text-Only & Minimalist News Sites (Updated)

Text-only websites are quite useful, especially today.

Web pages are increasingly filled with ads, videos, and bandwidth-heavy content.

Here is a list of text-only, clutter-free news sites:

General News Aggregators

Brutalist Report: A text-only compilation of news articles — here are selected subsections: Tech – News – Business – Science – Culture – Politics 

SkimFeed: This site is similar to Brutalist Report — here are selected subsections: Design – Investing – Long Reads – Mobile – News – Politics – Reddit – Science – Tech – Trend – Youtube – Weather 

68k News is a text-only version of Google News.

Wttr.In provides text-only weather reports.

U.S. News

Canadian News

UK News

Technology News

Lightweight Interfaces To Popular Sites

  • LibReddit — a lightweight Reddit hosted by Riverside Rocks
  • LibReddit — a lightweight Reddit hosted by Strongthany
  • LibReddit —  a lightweight Reddit hosted by PussTheCat
  • Teddit — a lightweight interface to Reddit that retains the Reddit-style design
  • Invidious — a lightweight and minimalist interface for Youtube
  • Nitter — a lightweight and minimalist interface for Twitter
  • Scribe — a lightweight and minimalist interface for Scribe
  • SearXNG — a lightweight alternative to Google Search

Wikipedia-Based News

Use Reader Mode In Your Web Browser To Get Text-Only Pages

You can also use “Reader Mode” in many web browsers. This mode strips the page down to text and content-related images. You can read how to enable this mode in various browsers here.

Textise: Browse Sites In Text-Only Mode

You can also use the Textise service, which will create a text-only version of the web page.

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    However, wouldn’t it be nice to see a txt only, screen scrolling news site that can also have voice-enabled, as an option, for those wanting this type of service when walking on our treadmills.

    I thoroughly appreciate the efforts that you’ve made on our behalf with your work here.
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