A List Of Non-Custodial Crypto Staking and Lending Services

Listed here are services that offer non-custodial cryptocurrency staking and lending —


Sovryn is the first non-custodial Bitcoin lending and trading platform. You can send your BTC to a smart contract that runs on the BTC blockchain. This allows you to keep custody of your private keys. This means you can withdraw your funds at any time.


Lido is a service that offers non-custodial staking of Ethereum, Luna and Solana. Solo staking and pool staking options are available.


BloxStaking offers non-custodial, open-source ETH staking (minimum deposit 32 ETH) — it’s a “valet” style ETH hosting service.


Stakewise allow for bon-custodial staking of Ethereum (minimum deposit 32 ETH). Stakewise also offers staking pools for ETH staking in smaller amounts.


Allnodes is another service that allows non-custodial staking of Ethereum.

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