Encryption 101: Which Encryption Type is Most Secure?

by Tracy Knauer •

Apple’s recent revelation about a U.S. government order to create a “backdoor” for undermining iPhone encryption will leave lots of people wondering which encryption methods are reliable. Here’s a quick run-down of which encryption algorithms to trust, and which ones are flawed. First, you should understand that there are three basic ways that encryption can be broken: Keys can be …

Smart TV Privacy: How to Disable TV Data Collection

by Tracy Knauer •

You knew that websites can track you. But did you know your smart TV is probably doing the same thing? Most modern TVs are designed to monitor what you watch and report that information to companies. Fortunately, you can protect your privacy while watching TV. Here’s how to disable monitoring software on smart TVs. The exact type of information that …

New Encryption Attack Can Steal Android and iOS Data

by Tracy Knauer •

The newest threat to data privacy on mobile devices enables attackers to break the encryption keys of data stored on Android phones and tablets and iPhones. That’s according to recently published academic research. As the Register reports, the attack involves using a probe to collect a phone or tablet’s electromagnetic emissions while it is encrypting or decrypting data. The probe …