Lantern Provides P2P Proxy Network for Beating Internet Censorship

by Tracy Knauer •

Need to beat online censorship, but don’t have access to a VPN? Lantern, an open-source app that uses peer-to-peer connections to get around firewalls, may be for you. Lantern was launched by Adam Fisk, the man behind the now-defunct LimeWire file-sharing platform. Fisk said he first conceived of the idea for Lantern when working on LimeWire as a way to …


Apple iOS 9 Causes VPN DNS Leaks on Mobile Devices

by Tracy Knauer •

Apple iOS 9, the newest version of the company’s mobile operating system, could cause DNS leaks. Read on for details and a solution to this privacy threat. Apple released iOS 9, which powers iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch, on Sept. 16. About a week ahead of the official iOS 9 release, Cisco reported via Facebook that the “Tunnel All …

Bush and Other Politicians Challenge Open Internet in the U.S.

by Tracy Knauer •

Jeb Bush’s campaign lashed out against the Federal Communications Commission’s “Net Neutrality” policy recently, placing the principle of an open, anonymous Internet in the United States in question. Bush’s campaign website posted a page on Sept. 22 titled “The Regulatory Crisis in Washington.” As an example of what Bush’s supporters see as the need to rein in government regulation, the …

South African Draft Policy Threatens Internet Privacy

by Tracy Knauer •

Online videos and other content have become the target of new Internet censorship legislation proposed in South Africa through the Online Regulation Policy, which is now available in draft form. The document is part of an effort to bring South Africa’s Film and Publications Act of 1996 up to speed with the Internet. In attempting to regulate online content, however, …