Two Projects Aim To Decentralize The Internet

by Grey One •

Here are two ambitious projects that aim to create a decentralized internet: Bitcloud: A group of Bitcoin developers want to create a decentralized internet, where peers are compensated for their contributions MaidSafe: A Scottish company has been developing a decentralized file storage system for the last eight years

Decentralized & Transparent Tools

by Grey One •

I’m currently researching technologies that are decentralized and/or transparent. They are not prone to censorship, and mostly free of the whims of profit. Some or all of these tools may be flawed, but what is important for me, is that they are working examples of decentralization and transparency. These tools are decentralized: Bitcoin (digital cash) Bittorrent (file transfers) Bittorrent Sync …

User-Empowering Software I’m Currently Researching

by Grey One •

I’m currently researching: Twister: A fully decentralized P2P microblogging platform that uses the free software implementations of Bitcoin and BitTorrent protocols. See also this news story on Twister. YaYc: A decentralized web search application Peercoin: A cryptocurrency that claims to be more secure than Bitcoin, and to “reward users in more sustainable ways” Marble: An open source virtual globe and world atlas …


How To Make Your Searches Private, Ad-Free And Uncluttered

by Grey One •

Google search has become pretty awful — you get huge block of ads on top, and ads to the right. You have Google services being promoted before other more relevant results. Perhaps most disappointing is the privacy issue — all those keywords you type are archived at Google, and at the NSA, and who knows where else. But buried under …