Using Firefox’s Reader View To Remove Web Clutter

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Firefox has a useful feature called “Reader View” which strips away clutter like buttons, ads and background images. It also adjusts the page’s text size, contrast and layout for better readability. You can find the Reader View button here: Here is an article from Reuters as it appears in Page View Mode: There is a Firefox extension called Automatic Reader …

A Field Guide To Malware In 2016


Malware is used for a wide variety purposes from sleazy business practices to blatant crime. Discussions of malware often mix up the technology of malware and their uses. You will see below that the same technology can be used to direct ads to you that normally you would not see, or steal your credentials to your online banking account. It’s …


The Best Privacy-Friendly Apps & Services For 2016


This is a guide to privacy-friendly apps and services. These services will help you: reduce your risk of having personal information hacked or leaked block marketing companies from collecting information about you generally avoid surveillance of your activities Search Engines Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo record your web searches and link your web searches together. The Solution: Use …